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px113667 sealset cissell

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px113667 sealset cissell


only 2 in stock the last in the world


We have the biggest OEM parts warehouse from the brand Cissell

The most articles are flared for thhe Cissell machines.

Buy now parts in stock for you Cissell equipment

box2 in warehouse

original oem parts from goud laundry solutions

These parts are original OEM PARTS, Goud Laundry Solutions is the biggest suplier in the world from original OEM parts. Every day more and more parts comes online we have the original parts not immitation, original parts that are allready many years in our warehouse. We are now publishing them online because we have so much request for it.

Don’t find you part send your partnumber with request and we can put you on the waitlist or can try to find out if we have it in stock. More then 1000m3 of parts from Fagor, Primer, Danube, Domus, Cissell, Pantex, Ipso, SpeedQueen, Primus, Lavamac, Unimac, Huebsch , Alliance are waiting for you. Also drums for UF-series brand new…

Goud Laundry Solutions

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