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Boiler met een inhoud van 5 liter met stoomstrijkijzer dlg04p

€ 575,40 (exclusief btw 21%)
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DLG04P is een boiler met een inhoud van maar liefst 5 liter, er is een mogelijkheid om de boiler te gebruiken met 2 strijkijzers ivm een dubbele uitgang op de boiler.

Perfect voor groot huishoudelijk gebruik, gordijnen en kleding atteliers


The DLG 04P Maxi Vapor Plus is perfect for home to professional use. The Maxi Vapor Plus will help to complete the daunting task of ironing faster, with better results. This iron is regularly used by curtain makers and tailors.

The copper boiler with dry heating elements allows to the boiler not to wear out and at the same time to save electricity by reducing to a minimum recovery times. The complete emptying out of the boiler allows an accurate cleaning. Precise devices such as thermostat, pressurestat, maximum pressure valve, guarantee the maximum safety by controlling automatically the correct functioning of all appliances. The glass sight is a great feature to help you keep an eye on the water level and thus putting a time limit on your ironing.
This ironing system comes with the option of adding another solenoid valve, which will allow you to add a second iron to the system, this makes this iron a great buy for any business where 2 irons are needed.
The steam generator is provided with a DLG heavy professional iron.
Supply 220/230V 50/60Hz
Boiler 5 Lt
Power Boiler 1300 + 900 Watt
Pressure 3 Bar
Iron Power 850 Watt
Weight 10 Kg
Dimensions 24,5x36,5xh43 cm

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